Sorry, English is not acceptable.
We accept Japanese only, no other languages.

We need all patients to speak, hear, read and understand Japanese well.
The foreign patients who cannot speak or read Japanese well should be accompanied with a Japanese speaking personnel who can write in our medical paper and understand the doctor's speaking medical Japanese well.

Foreign patients must show the following subjects.

1)The passport
2)The valid visa
3)The valid residence card issued by the government of Japan.

Foreign patients without Japanese medical insurance shall be required some deposit prior to our medical examination.

since 2005/08/30



As Sugiura Eye Clinic provides medical services to the patients that visit this clinic, it is very important that you and our staff are able to fully understand each other and communicate effectively about your important medical needs.

We must inform you that we do not have English speaking staff available to assist you if you are unable to communicate accurately in Japanese.

Further, because of the critical importance of clear and accurate communication on medical matters, the standard of language required needs to be of a professional or native level. Therefore, only basic or limited language ability is not sufficient, as this may place your medical care at risk of compromise.

If you are unable to understand Japanese language to a native or professional level, we suggest that, in order to ensure your medical safety, you should seek the same medical service at an alternative clinic; one where a professional or native level English speaking practitioner is available.

If however, despite not understanding Japanese fluently, you still wish to proceed with your medical needs at this clinic, we inform you that you will need to bring your own Japanese-English interpreter, to assist you at all times while attending the clinic.

Your choice of interpreter is your own responsibility, and in this regard, we strongly advise that your interpreter should be a qualified professional interpreter with experience in medical interpretation. We do not accept responsibility for any mistakes or misunderstandings as the result of errors made by your interpreter of choice.

We thank you for your kind understanding of this important notice. We understand that your medical needs are of the utmost importance to you, and this is why we have made this decision. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you, but trust that we have been honest and helpful to you by giving you this important information.

Sugiura Eye Clinic
Chief Executive Doctor
Yasuhiro Sugiura